Bar Or Bat Mitzvah

Bar or Bat Mitzvah preparations are made easy and meaningful with our veteran instructors, ensuring your child will feel confident and ready to lead the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service and understand its meaning and responsibility.

  • Be well prepared for their big day and understand the meaning and lessons represented in the day. 
  • Happily enjoy their pre-Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparations. 
  • Learn to chant the Blessings before and after the Haftarah, Torah and/or Havdalah chanting. 
  • Learn to chant the Haftarah, Torah and/or Havdalah portions for the assigned Shabbat in the traditional Trop (tune). 
  • Learn significant parts of the Prayer and Shabbat services. 
  • Understand content of the Torah, Haftorah & Havdalah service. 
  • Write a beautiful and meaningful speech that explains what becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah means to them using a lesson learned from his/her Torah Portion.

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